Consumer New Zealand’s report released today gives people sound advice around buying emergency kits says Wellington Regional Controller Bruce Pepperell.

“WREMO agrees that building your own getaway kit is the best way to go as well as making sure your household is prepared.

Getaway kits are just one of the many things people can do to be prepared and it is just as important having enough water, food stocks and a household plan to get through an emergency,” says Mr Pepperell.

Getaway kits ideally should be small backpack of essential items to grab if you have to quickly evacuate your home or workplace with little or no warning. It’s especially important if you will have to walk a long way to get home during an emergency or evacuate your house quickly. 

Remember not to include so many items that your bag becomes heavy, especially if you have a lot of distance to cover to get home or to your safe meeting place.

“The problem with a large number of commercial brought kits is they are expensive and heavy. That is why making your own is a great place to start and it means anyone in your family can grab it if they need it.

The Grab and Go kits are a reasonable cost and a great place to start building your own kit. Families can add what they need to it and also the price means you can have one at home and one in the car”, says Mr Pepperell.

Developing this kit was based on international best practice while keeping costs at a level that people are willing to pay. The radio is intended to provide quick updates and food or hygiene items are not included given the difficulties around expiry dates. Plus adding your own food/hygiene items allows families to tailor kits to their own needs. While the kit may be small with little extra room for large items like sturdy shoes, you only need to have walking shoes and other key items listed on the Get Prepared website.

‘Work out this weekend what you need in your grab and go bag and use the conversation as a starting point to getting your whole household prepared.

Friday, 28 April 2017