The bridge at Bridge Road (Birchville, Upper Hutt) collapsed at approximately 11:00am on Thursday morning isolating households and interrupting localised services.

Upper Hutt City Council’s Asset Management team of engineers have completed a preliminary assessment of the collapse and are now working with specialised bridge engineers and infrastructure service providers to determine the extent of the damage and to find safe, alternative access for residents.


  • The bridge at Bridge Road has collapsed, cutting off around 70 properties.
  • Alternative routes for residents to access their properties are being investigated; it is important that people do not attempt to cross the river at any stage.
  • Due to this collapse, water and gas services have been cut to this neighbourhood; Sewage is currently discharging into the Hutt River from pipes impacted by the collapse. Power supply currently seems normal.
  • Alternative access to water services is being investigated. Residents are advised not to use the Hutt River as an alternative water supply due to sewage discharge.
  • Residents within the affected area are advised to stay at home. Check your emergency supplies, particularly water.
  • Affected residents who are not at their properties are advised to seek alternative accommodation.
  • Engineers are continuing to assess the bridge to find out what caused the collapse, although it is likely the high river level and its reasonable flow have attributed to the collapse.
  • Check the Upper Hutt City Council website and Facebook page for further information and regular updates.

At this stage alternative access for both residents and household services has not been determined; however these updates will be supplied through usual channels as soon as information becomes available.

Released: 29 October 2015
Released by Upper Hutt City Council