You used to be able to receive messages from Twitter as text messages on mobile phones - this gave us a great way to send out free text alerts in emergencies.  However, due to commercial decisions by Vodafone and Twitter, anyone on Vodafone can no longer receive these messages by text, so our WREMOalert Twitter account no longer does the job it was set up to do.  We will be closing the WREMOalert account on Friday afternoon, after sending out a last couple of message to subscribers notifying them of this.

Fortunately, now we have the Red Cross Hazard app for Apple and Android devices to help us send out emergency notifications. It's also free!

WREMO will only use this system to send out notifications of potentially life-threatening situations such as tsunami warnings, or significant disruptions that could affect all or part of the Wellington Region.

Other organisations, such as MetService and GeoNet, also use the app for automated notifications. You can choose to subscribe to these or not.  You can also choose what warnings you receive that apply to locations that you choose.

For our Twitter users, we still have @WREMOinfo as our account for broadcasting warnings and updates during events, and of course there's our WREMOnz Facebook page for more detail than will fit in 140 characters, and our website,

For more information and links to download the app for your smartphone, visit

Red Cross has produced an FAQ  about the app -

Released 8 July 2017