Q. Where can I obtain a copy or view the Proposed CDEM Group Plan?
A. Copies of the Plan are also available for viewing at the following locations:

Q. How do I make a submission on the Plan?
A. Anyone can make a submission to the draft CDEM Group Plan during the public consultation period. Options to make a submission include:

Hardcopies can be sent to:

Group Plan Submissions
PO Box 11646
Wellington 6142

Or emailed to info@wremo.nz

Q. What is the deadline for submission?
A. All submissions must be received at the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office by: 4.00pm Monday 29 April 2019.

Q. Do I have to come and speak at the Hearing to my submission?
A. No. It is entirely up to you. You will be most welcome, but if you decide not to attend the Hearing of Submissions, your written submission will be given full consideration. Submitters wishing to speak in support of their submission should indicate this on their submission.

Q. What can we expect at the Hearing of Submissions?
A. Members of the Wellington Region CDEM Group will have read your submission beforehand and have it with them. The Chairperson will then invite you to speak to your submission. We suggest you focus on your key points.

Q. What happens after the Hearing?
A. All submissions will be acknowledged in writing and the final decision on points raised in submissions will be communicated by writing to the submitter.

Any other questions?
Please contact us at info@wremo.nz or 04 830 4279