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Group Plan cover 2019 24

WREMO Group Plan 2019 - 2024

The broad purpose of the Group Plan is to enable the effective and efficient management of significant hazards and risks for which a coordinated emergency management approach will be required. This Plan provides the strategic direction and a clear vision and framework to achieve what is required.

Annual plan 22 23 cover

WREMO Annual Plan 2022 -2023

The Annual Plan sets out the key outputs, measures and associated budget for WREMO for the 2022/2023 financial year.

This Plan is aligned with the content of the latest Wellington CDEM Group Plan (2019-2024).

2104 Wellington Region CDEM Group Welfare Plan 2021 2026

Wellington Region CDEM Group Welfare Plan 2021 - 2026

This plan will support the Wellington CDEM Group’s ability to deliver on relevant strategic outcomes in the Wellington CDEM Group Plan 2019 –2024, and ensure formal assistance is readily available and accessible to impacted communities in an emergency.

Recovery Operations Guide: Three people gathered around an image of a city, backdrop of hills, harbour and construction workers and equipment

Recovery Operations Guide

The Recovery Operations Guide establishes a defined recovery concept of operations for the Wellington region. This Guide is a component of the wider Disaster Recovery Framework being developed for the Wellington Region.

Community Resilience Strategy Cover

Community Resilience Strategy

Resilient communities are able to plan for, respond to and thrive after a disastrous event. At the heart of a resilient community is a robust set of social networks which help people address the challenges in their day-to-day lives, as well as those that occur in times of extreme stress.

Supporting vulnerable communities cover 2013

Working with Social Agencies to Support Vulnerable Communities

A CDEM practitioner's guide to strengthening connections within community-based organisations to provide for vulnerable community members in emergencies.

Tsunami Public Information Guide

Tsunami Public Information Guide

New Zealand is at risk from tsunami that happen near us, and around the Pacific. In this Tsunami Public Information Guide, you will find information on who the scientists are, what the National Emergency Management Agency's role is in tsunami response, what CDEMs role is in tsunami response, sources of tsunami that could effect New Zealand, Emergency Alerts, and more.